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BruteBenchmark - simple, fast and relevant methods to check, save (and later compare) the performance of a processor, video card and hard disk. Two-three relatively simple, but of real office/scientific application interest, tests are performed for each hardware category and a benchmark result is computed.

Accurate and of real interest scores can be obtained quickly (arround 30 seconds are enough), not being necessary to wait for minutes and minutes again to get the results.

BruteBenchmark is freeware.

Currently available:

version 1.12 (December 2003)

version 1.01 (November 2003)

In-depth description can be read here.

Compatibility: This benchmark was designed so that it can be run on all Windows family operating systems (9x, Me, NT3.5, NT4, 2000, XP).

For future releases I have the followings in mind:

- bigger benchmark results databases, containing scores for more and more devices;

- better use of CPU level 1 and 2 cache;

- possible inclussion of extended CPU instructions-sets tests and of some more 2D tests.

Contact me at for anything related to BruteBenchmark.



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